Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have fallen; I have fallen hard and no one is here to pick me up. I lay on the cold, hard ground and stare lifelessly at the gray clouds forming in the sky.
The lump in my throat tastes bitter and I choke out a soft cry as I try to get up, struggling with my shaking limbs.
I glance at the wreck before me, looking at all the crumpled metal and debris, unable to grasp that I have caused all this damage.
     I hear sirens in the distance and I try to get up, I know I have to get away before I get caught but I feel nothing in my legs. "Nn..." My teeth chatter as I begin to crawl away as fast as my body can handle and I take deep breaths.
There is no trees that I can hide behind, in fact, there is nothing. I caused an accident in the middle of nowhere in Silver Springs, Nevada and there is nothing out here for me to hide.
The sirens begin to get closer and I hold my breath, trying not to scream in agony as I use all my strength to crawl to a patch of sage brush and hide.
      Police officers and EMTs are there, getting out of their vehicles and looking for any injured people. I bite down on my split lip a little, knowing that they would find dead bodies. I know that one of them is my own little sister, and I know the amount of trouble that I am in.
I start crying softly again, and I feel bad. All I was doing was driving my little sister, Rachel, home from school and I saw something in the road and I swerved. By this, it caused my car to roll over and I know that I felt something hit us from the side or else I wouldn't have gotten thrown from my vehicle...or was the roll over that strong that I really did just fall out?
      "There! There is a person of there!" A man yells as he starts running to my hiding spot. "Miss! Are you okay?" He asked as he motioned others to bring a stretcher. 
I wince and try to hide some more. "No! G-go away...go!" I breathe hard as the man and a couple others gently lift me onto the stretcher. "It's okay, miss. You're safe." One says as they wheel me towards the ambulance.
Wind picks up as I start screaming, crying out for Rachel. "I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT!"
The man puts his hand on my shoulder. "Calm down, young lady. What are you talking about?"
       "R-Rachel! My baby sister! She was in the car...she's dead! Sh-she has to be!" I stutter, starting to shake from the cold weather.
The man, who - from what my eyes could see- is a cop, draped a blanket over me. "I'm sorry...there was no one in the car. There are no other bodies injured except for yours."
I begin to feel confused and I stare at him. "What? No...that's impossible! I...Rachel was there in the car with me when I crashed!" I look at his name tag. "Um...Rick...right?"
Rick nods and sighs slowly as he rubs his temple. "Miss, have you been drinking?"
      I feel offended. "No...not at all!" I try to remember if I actually did have a drink and I come to the conclusion that I actually didn't drink.
Rick looks me in the eyes and takes my hand. "Listen to me...listen to me closely: There are no other cars here. There are no other bodies. Only you were driving on this abandoned road. You have to have been drunk driving and flipped your car over..."
I yank my hand away, now scared. Have I lost my mind? Of course there had to have been another car! Rachel was there! I know it!
     "Officer! My sister WAS in the car! I'm telling the truth!"
...but was Rachel in my car? Was I telling the truth? Was I even alive? Was I asleep and just dreaming?
I don't know...

 (Okay! This is just one of these exercises I've been doing. But I changed it up a bit. This girl was hit in the head at a ball game, I think - it was in the book my mom got me - and she was knocked out for quite some time to have this dream. Now this idea didn't come from the book but the knocking out thing did. Haha. And the title is called Savior because that is the title of the song I'm listening to.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


 My heart is pumping, the people are screaming. I walk out onto the stage, my hands clasped around the microphone. Can you guess what I want to be? Or...want/wanted? A famous singer.
     I want to feel the rush of having to sing in front of three thousand or more people. I want to tour the united states and other countries. Especially Ireland. GO IRISH!
I mean, I'm sure everyone wonders what it would be like to be famous, to be in a movie. To be a musician, to be an artist! Or maybe even a model.
Why I wouldn't want to be famous is because I would probably have no time for home and stuff, family, friends. I'd always be going around.
    And...besides, I can barely sing in front of my own mother so what makes me think that I could possibly sing front of three to six thousand?!
No thanks. Lol, I think I'll just stick to doing homework and stuff. :0 But it would be nice... *thinks* hahahahahaha...

 SOoooooOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! Why? Would? You? Want? To? Be? Famous?!