Saturday, August 28, 2010


...Five ways that I would entertain myself if I didn't see a single person in one week would be hard to find...because I'm usually sort of bored when people are around let's see!

 1. My iPod. Hands down. I can't live without it, I think I would cry if it broke into tiny pieces in my hands.

 2. Write...yeah...

 3. I would definitely take my most emo and depressing songs that I have that have the most meaning to it and make a drama out of it and play it by myself.

 4. Go to the park and try to do that flippy thing on the swing that is nearly impossible.

 5. Redo tenth grade all over again. Haha. And do Geometry.

There are so many things that would keep me from being un-bored, such as going to the park with my brother and sister, going shopping with my sister, listening to music 24/7. And then doing homework 24/7.

   There are SO many things...

...but what would you do for seven days with no one around? What are five ways to entertain yourself?

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