Thursday, August 26, 2010

~*♥Letter to Me♥*~

 Dear Eimilee,

 I am you from the future, nearly eight years from your time. You are ten years old, and if you are anything like me (lol, which you are, since you it would have taken you a bit to add that together. LOL.
  Why am I writing a letter to you? I want to tell you stuff that you shouldn't do!
Okay, here it goes mini-me: One, do NOT cut your hair in the future! Ask mom to trim your hair a little bit so you don't get split ends. I hacked most of my hair off and I hate it. Thank GOD it's growing back. HAHAHAHA!
   Learn how to write stories, I started writing when I was thirteen and I loved it. Guitar and piano are not our passions. Although, you'll be in love with guitar for about three more years. I would say don't give up guitar but I think that writing just made me happier as a person. More creativity.
    Stay Internet-happy. Hahaha.......something happens in the future. It's a big surprise. Okay, it's not a surprise but I LOVED IT. Also you will get addicted to Role Playing. I don't think that was a bad choice......but it took me a bit to get out of it. Hahaha...but man...fifty notebooks. ANYWAYS.
You love music, I love music. Of course. My tastes now are a TON different than the tastes you have. Seriously...I am ashamed. WOW Worship CD number something and a stupid song that reminded you of Danny Phantom singing to you and you shivered like a stupid little freak. HAHAHA...yeah, I can call you a freak. XD
    Oh, and you become addicted to homework too. No. You did not become a nerd. YOU are a nerd...kind of...okay, no you are a nerd. Haha..

    Love, You're older self.

   This took me a while to come up with, I'm so brain-dead tonight.

 So, if you could write to your ten-year-old self, what would you say to yourself? What would you ask for your younger self to change?


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